Financial Planning & More for Tampa Bay

Helping clients plan for and live the retirement lifestyle of their choice

Financial Planning is the total coordination and planning over a client's financial situation. We focus on planning for and living in retirement. We not only design comprehensive retirement plans, but help to implement and adjust those plans over time.

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Organization & Retirement Plan Creation

We serve as coordinator of your financial situation. We take all of the various moving parts (investments, retirement accounts, insurance policies, legal & tax documents, etc.) and combine them into one comprehensive organized plan. We aim to simplify the chaos often associated with finances.

Retirement Plan Implementation & Adjustment

Having a solid plan is great, but sticking to it is just as important. We help to oversee the implementation of the retirement plans we design and act as a watchful financial coach during retirement. Our regular client reviews are designed to make sure progress is being made and adjustments are made as needed.

Objective Support

During the design and implementation of retirement plans, we maintain an objective stance for all client situations. Doing so allows us to take the emotions out of the decision making process. Many retirement plans fail due to poor decisions made during emotionally charged situations. We act in clients' best interests to provide a professional level of financial support with a focus on managing emotions.

Comprehensive View of Retirement Issues

We want our clients to have a successful retirement and work to avoid the common pitfalls they may face. Our experience has shown that certain financial issues appear only as people enter retirement and must be included in the plans. These will be things that weren't necessarily part of the financial picture prior to retirement. Things such as Medicare, Social Security, Long-term Care, Longevity Plans, Health Care, Estate Planning, and Retirement Income are included in our plans.

Expansive Financial Toolkit

As a fiduciary, we must always do what is in the best interests of our clients. Therefore, we must consider any and all financial tools and instruments that may be applicable. We don't rule out any tool as each client's situation is different. We work on behalf of our clients and not any particular brokerage company, investment product, insurance company, or other product vendor. We educate our clients on all of the possible solutions and how they actually work before incorporating them into any plans.