Videos on Retirement for Tampa, Clearwater & St Petersburg Area

Color of Money

Retirement, Color of Money Clearwater & Tampa Bay

Short video on the topic of risk assessment. Learn how to organize your finances into simple risk categories. Very useful for determining risk and reward.

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Retirement & Social Security

Social Security Clearwater & Tampa Bay

Short video on the latest social security tips and resources on your retirement benefits, retirement planning and more in Tampa and St Petersburg, Florida

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Dolphin Financial Group

Dolphin Financial Group

Retirement Planning and Investment Advisory services offered by Dolphin Financial Group located in Clearwater and serving Tampa and St Petersburg, Florida

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Top 3 Threats

Top 3 Threats Facing Retirement Plans

You'll learn about the mistakes to avoid in retirement and how to play defense against the common factors that ruin financial plans.

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Long Term Care in retirement

Four ways to pay the costs of Long Term Care in retirement

You'll learn about how to cover the major financial burden associated with Long Term Care, nursing home, or assisted living facilities.

Longevity Planning

Sequence Risk & Volatility

Sequence Risk Results in Running out of Money in Retirement

Sequence Risk, which is a major risk to retirement income. Sequence Risk can lead to running out of money in retirement.

Risk Management

Retirement Income Plan

Seven Keys to Creating a Solid Retirement Income Plan

You'll learn seven key factors to address when designing a retirement income plan that will withstand the financial stresses and strains of retirement.

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Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life insurance policies, including Indexed ULs.

You'll understand the basics on how they work, why they sometimes fail, and what to consider BEFORE buying a new one or CANCELLING an old policy.


Fixing Life Insurance

Fixing Broken Failing Universal Life Insurance Policies

how to fix poorly performing, or failing Universal Life insurance policies, also known as "ULs".


Costs To Work With Us

Cost to work with us explianed

This video explains the costs to hire Dolphin Financial Group to help with your financial situation. We explain the different services and what we charge.

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Locking in Gains

Locking In Stock Market Gains

A discussion on when and how to lock in gains made in the stock market. People don't like to lose money, but are notoriously bad at timing the market.


Extending Term Insurance

Extending Term Life Insurance

This video is about a client who wanted to extend the term life insurance that was expiring. Just because the term is ending, that doesn't mean you can't maintain life insurance coverage.