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  • Protect your future
    think of tomorrow
    Dolphin Financial Group Clearwater, Fl does more than simply manage your money. We help you with life's toughest financial decisions.
  • Social Security Benefits
    Maximize your Social Security
    Strategies to Maximize your Social Security benefits. Useful to those who cannot attend our Social Security seminar in Tampa Bay area
  • Income Planning
    investing for the future
    We believe retirees should start with planning their income and the rest follows. With income taken care of, investing for the future becomes easier.

Welcome to Dolphin Financial Group Clearwater, FL

Dolphin Financial Group acts in a fiduciary capacity to help people make life's toughest financial decisions. Our typical clients are people who are looking to retire, are in the process of retiring, or who have recently begun their retirement. They face similar financial decisions which revolve around these issues:

"A Retirement Reality Check" by Daniel J. Wendol. Provides a step by step guide for your retirement planning.

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Uncover how to optimize your Social Security benefits and increase your retirement income

We help answer life's difficult financial questions:
Sometimes all you need is an answer to a particular financial question. Dolphin Financial Group offers our "Financial Soundboard" service to get you the answer you need.